Rigid-Flex PCB

Rigid-Flex PCB

We supply Rigid-flex PCB ,high quality with UL approved, no MOQ, offer prototye and volume production service, fast delivery, covering most of Europe and North America market.

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Product Description

1. Product introduction of the Rigid-flex PCB

The Rigid-flex PCB are named after the combination of flexible and rigid circuit areas they use. Like most printed circuit boards, Rigid-flex boards have multiple layers, but usually more than traditional designs. The Rigid-flex PCB is a new type of printed circuit board with both the durability of rigid PCB and the adaptability of flexible PCB. In all types of PCB, the Rigid-flex PCB is the most resistant to harsh application environment. Therefore, it is favored by industrial control, medical and military equipment manufacturers. Mainland enterprises are gradually increasing the proportion of Rigid-flex PCB in the total output.


2. Product feature and application of the Rigid-flex PCB
Advantages of Rigid-flex PCB with general PCB, the Rigid-flex PCB has the following advantages:
1). Light weight, 
2). Thin interlayer, 
3). Short transmission path, 
4). Small conducting aperture, 

5). Low noise and high reliability

Compared with hard board, Rigid-flex PCB has the following advantages:
1). Flexible, three-dimensional wiring, change shape according to space limit,
2). High and low temperature resistance, fire resistance,
3). It can be folded without affecting the signal transmission function,
4). It can prevent electrostatic interference, 
5). Chemical change is stable, stable and reliable, 
6). It is beneficial to the design of related products, can reduce assembly time and errors, and improve the service life of related products, 

7). Reduce the volume, weight, function and cost of application products.

Application of the Rigid-flex PCB:
1). Industrial uses include the Rigid-flex PCB used in industry, military and medical.
2). The application of mobile phone in the Rigid-flex PCB of mobile phone, including the hinge of folding mobile phone and image module. 
3). Consumer electronic products - consumer products, DSC and DV are representative of the development of the Rigid-flex PCB. 

4). The use of car in the Rigid-flex PCB of car, commonly used as steering wheel-Connect the buttons on the motherboard, the screen of the vehicle video system and the control panel.

3. Product Qualification of the Rigid-flex PCB

We use full-automatic online PCB board X-ray detection equipment.

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