Rigid PCB

Rigid PCB is a type of printed circuit board. Rigid PCB is mainly manufactured with copper clad sheet as the base material. Rigid PCB has phenolic paper laminate, epoxy paper laminate, polyester glass felt laminate, epoxy glass cloth laminate. Rigidity: Resistance to deformation. Generally, it refers to the ability of materials to not deform under external forces. Circuit boards, also known as printed circuit boards, are important electronic components, the support of electronic components, and the carrier of electrical connection of electronic components. Because it is made by electronic printing, it is called a "printed" circuit board. These two together mean a circuit board that is not easily deformed. Rigid PCB has a relatively better thermal performance than flexible circuit boards, but Rigid PCB is not as flexible as flexible circuit boards, which have better performance for a large number of bending cycles.

Rigid PCB has the following characteristics: high density. With the improvement of circuit integration and the improvement of mounting technology, high density printed circuit board technology has become very mature. High reliability. PCB can work reliably for a long time through a series of checks, tests and aging tests. Designability. PCB performance requirements (electrical, physical, chemical, mechanical, etc.) can be achieved through design standardization. Productivity. With modern management, standardization, scale (quantity), automation and consistent product quality can be achieved. Testability. Tests and identifies the lifetime of PCB products through a relatively complete set of testing methods, standards, test equipment and instruments.

Rigid PCB is mainly manufactured with copper clad board as the base material. The difference between Rigid PCB and flexible circuit board is that the base material of the circuit board is different. When printed boards are used in electronic equipment, due to the consistency of similar printed boards, errors in manual wiring can be avoided, and electronic components can be automatically inserted or mounted, soldered and detected, which ensures the quality of electronic equipment, improves labor productivity, reduces costs and facilitates maintenance.

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  • FR4 Rigid PCB is Solid, inflexible Printed Circuit Board. PCB can be Single or Double Sided PCB or Multilayer PCB.At the same time a Printed Circuit Board can be Rigid, Flexible or Rigid-Flex (Combination of Rigid and Flexible PCB). So, Rigid Circuit Board is a Board that we cannot bend or force out of shape. It is not flexible.

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