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PCB Raw Material Price Increased Again


Nanya New Materials (688519.SH) rigid copper clad laminate products rank among the top four domestic companies, and lead-free and halogen-free products rank second among domestic companies. According to Prismark statistics, the global rigid copper clad laminate market in 2019 was US$12.36 billion, and the company occupies 2% of the global FR-4 copper clad laminate market. In the field of lead-free and halogen-free, pay attention to the formulation process of products, use new halogen-free flame retardants for halogen-free materials and reconcile the resin formulation system to achieve the balance and optimization of the performance of copper clad laminates. According to Prismark statistics, in 2019, halogen-free copper clad laminates accounted for 14% of the global copper clad laminate types, and the company took the lead in promoting environmentally friendly formulations of lead-free halogen-free materials, one of the domestic-funded copper clad laminate manufacturers, breaking the domestic monopoly competition between Taiwanese and Japanese manufacturers In 2019, the company’s halogen-free copper clad laminate manufacturers ranked second among domestic-funded manufacturers, second only to Shengyi Technology.