LED PCB technology has become the innovation of many new products. The LED is soldered to the circuit board, and the chip generates light when it is electrically connected. The heat sink and ceramic base are used to connect the chip to absorb heat and cool the process. The development of this technology has opened up a new way for many lighting. LED PCB panels tend to generate a lot of heat, which makes it hard to cool in traditional ways. Therefore, the mental core LED circuit board is usually selected to improve the heat dissipation ability of LED. In particular, aluminum is often used to produce circuit boards for LED lights. Aluminum pcb usually consists of a thin layer of thermal conductive dielectric material. Compared with non material PCB, it can relocate and dissolve heat, and has excellent coherence.

LEDs represent light-emitting diodes. They are semiconductor diodes and belong to the group of electroluminescent lamps. They produce light through the recombination of charge carrier pairs in semiconductors and have appropriate energy band gap. Due to its low voltage, working power, compact size, long life and stability, LEDs are used in industrial and consumer markets. One of its most attractive features is that it can produce light without producing a lot of heat, making it safe in daily use. Its function is the main reason why LED is integrated into printed circuit board (PCB). LEDs are reliable and efficient enough for PCB applications. They play the role of light, especially in the non touch film switch. Integrated LED boards are commonly used for polyester graphics and rubber keyboards.

As a solution with years of experience in LED PCB , we are able to provide LED circuit board production, as well as purchasing and assembling components. We are happy to work with you to develop customized aluminum / metal circuit boards for your specific applications. We offer standard FR-4 circuit boards with reasonable price. They are coated with hot aluminum, which can effectively cool all LED circuit components and significantly improve product performance.

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