Flex PCB And Assembly

Flex PCB And Assembly

We supply Flex PCB and assembly ,high quality with UL approved, no MOQ, offer prototye and volume production service, fast delivery, covering most of Europe and North America market.

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Product Description

1. Product introduction of the Flex PCB and assembly

The Flex PCB and assembly can be fabricated as single-sided, double-sided, or multi-layer plating via printed circuit boards. This enables complete wiring of compact devices and systems, with the advantage that no additional cables or plug connectors are required. Due to the flexibility of the layer, static or permanent dynamic bending is possible, providing additional functions depending on the specific application. In addition to the usual electronic component connection, flex  PCB and assembly can also take over mechanical tasks, such as accessing components on the device shell. With this connection technology, these flex PCB and assembly allow three-dimensional installation, so the narrow installation space can be used perfectly.


2. Product feature and application of the Flex PCB and assembly

The Flex PCB and assembly is designed to improve space utilization and product design flexibility, which can meet the design needs of smaller and higher density installation, and also help to reduce assembly process and enhance reliability. It is the only solution to meet the miniaturization and mobility requirements of electronic products. Flexible PCB is etched copper circuit on polymer substrate, or printed polymer thick film circuit. For thin, light, compact and complex devices, the design solution includes from single-sided conductive circuit to complex multi-layer three-dimensional packaging. The total mass and volume of the flexible package are reduced by 70% compared with the traditional wire harness method. Flexible PCB can also increase their strength by using reinforcing materials or liners to achieve additional mechanical stability. The Flex PCB and assembly can be moved, bent and twisted without damaging wires. They can have different shapes and special package sizes. Flex PCB and assembly are generally used in computers and accessories, airplanes, automobiles, mobile phones, etc.

3. Product Qualification of the Flex PCB and assembly

We use X-rays to check that all leads are properly soldered.


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