PCB Assembly

It is to assemble components and other components into a printed circuit board, also known as PCBA, Chinese name is circuit board/printed circuit board Main. The assembly of printed plate is an assembly process in which electronic components are inserted onto printed circuit board according to the requirements of design documents and technological procedures and fixed by fasteners or soldering.

1. Basic requirements of printed circuit board assembly

The assembly method of printed board must be determined according to the characteristics of product structure, assembly density and the use method and requirements of the product. The basic requirements of PCB assembly mainly include: the requirements of the forming of components lead; Technical requirements for component installation.

2. Forming requirements of component leads

Component leads must be pre-processed before forming. Mainly includes the straightening of the lead, surface cleaning and tin lining three steps. The line forming process is based on the distance between the solder joints, to make the desired shape, the purpose is to allow components to be quickly and accurately inserted into the hole.

3. Technical requirements for installation of components

The symbol on the component can be seen clearly after the component is installed. The polarity of the installation components shall not be installed wrongly; Components of the same specification should be installed on the same height as far as possible; The installation sequence is generally first low then high, first light then heavy, first easy then difficult, first general components and then special components; The distribution of components on the printed plate should be as uniform as possible, with consistent density and neat and beautiful arrangement. Oblique arrangement, three-dimensional crossing and overlapping arrangement are not allowed. The shell of the component and the lead should not touch each other. The safety gap around the LMM should be ensured. If it is impossible to avoid, an insulating sleeve should be covered. There should be a reasonable gap of 0.2 ~ 0.4mm between the lead diameter of the component and the diameter of the printed plate solder pad.

4. printed circuit board assembly process

Manual assembly process: components to be installed; Lead shaping; Plug-in; Adjust position; Shear lead; Fixed position; Welding inspection. The characteristics of manual assembly are: simple equipment, convenient operation, flexible use; But assembly efficiency is low, error rate is high, not suitable for the needs of modern mass production.

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