IC for Maxim

IC for Maxim Integrated develops innovative analog ICs for the automotive, industrial, healthcare, mobile consumer, and cloud AI.
IC for Maxim has released more than 1,780 types of analog integrated circuit products, which are at the same industry level, of which more than 1,480 products are proprietary products of Mixim. Its products are mainly used in microprocessor-based electronic products, including personal computers, test equipment, handheld devices, wireless communication products, and video display devices. The main products include microprocessor monitoring circuits, data converters, reference power supplies, RS-232 interface circuits, amplifiers, power management, timers, counters, display circuits, multiplexers, switches, voltage monitoring, optical fiber transmitters, pressure And temperature sensors, wireless products, analog filters, etc.

Applications including: AUTOMOTIVE, ADAS & Safety, Cabin Electronics & Infotainment, Hybrid, Electric, & Conventional Powertrain, Industrial Automation, Instrumentation & Measurement, Asset Management, Building & City Technology, Power & Energy, Sensor, Machinery, Retail Automation & Payment, Actuator.


Data Center: Enterprise Server, Accelerator/AI, Networking, HEALTHCARE, Wearable & Portable Monitoring, Non-Portable Monitoring, Therapy, Imaging, PERSONAL ELECTRONICS Wearable & Hearable, Smart Home, Portable Electronics, Gaming & Entertainment, COMMUNICATIONS communications Equipment, AEROSPACE & DEFENSE, MIL-STD-883B Data Sheets, DSCC-SMD Devices.
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IC for Maxim is of high quality and durable with 2 Years Warranty. Our products are not only cheap, but also are high quality. You can buy IC for Maxim with the low price which can be customized from our factory called Quint Tech. It is one of the manufacturers and suppliers from China. Our products can be customized with cheap price. If you need them, we can send free sample, we will also provide price lists and quotations, so it is wise to choose us.