IC for TI

IC for TI, Texas Instruments, referred to as TI, is the world's leading semiconductor company, providing innovative digital signal processing (DSP) and analog device technologies for real-world signal processing. In addition to the semiconductor business, it also provides solutions including sensing and control, education products and digital light source processing. TI is headquartered in Dallas, Texas, and has manufacturing, design or sales organizations in more than 25 countries.

IC for TI designs and manufactures analog technology, digital signal processing (DSP) and microcontroller (MCU) semiconductors. TI is a leader in analog and digital embedded and application processing semiconductor solutions. As a global semiconductor company, TI conducts innovation through design, sales and manufacturing operations in more than 30 countries. Engineering development tools help design engineers evaluate, create, or debug designs based on semiconductor devices. There are many forms of development workers, including starter kits, evaluation boards, and debuggers.

Applications including

1. Data Converter IC-

①Analog to digital conversion ICA/D-ADS, TLV, TLC, THS;

②Digital to analog conversion ICD/A-DAC, TLV, TLC, THS;

③Touch screen controller IC-TSC;

④ Audio codec IC-PCM, TPA, TLV, TAS, DSD;

⑤ CCD controller IC-VSP;

⑥Analog front-end control IC (ultrasonic, x-ray)-AFE;

⑦Video codec IC -TVP;

⑧ V/F and F/V converter IC-VFC;

2. Power Management IC-

① Precision series voltage reference IC-REF;

② Parallel voltage reference IC-LM4040;

③ Battery management IC, real-time clock IC, wireless power IC, non-volatile RAM IC-BQ;

④ Power module-DCx, PTx;

⑤ Power Mosfet IC- CSD;

⑥ PWM controller-UCC;

⑦ Digital power IC PWM, MosFet controller IC-UCD;

⑧ Motor PWM driver IC-DVR;

⑨ General power management IC-TPS;

3. Amplifier IC-

① Operational amplifier IC-OPA, TLC, TLE, TLV;

② Instrumentation/Differential Amplifier IC-INA;

③ Logarithmic amplifier IC-LOG;

④ Programmable gain amplifier IC-PGA;

4. Interface IC-

① USB interface IC-TUSB;

② 1394 interface IC-TSB;

③ CAN interface IC-SN65HVD23;

④ RS232 interface IC-MAX232, GD232, etc.;

⑤ RS485 interface IC-SN65HVD;

⑥ SCSI interface IC-UCC56;

⑦ PCI interface IC-PCI, XIO;

⑧ RF, IF interface IC-CC, GC, TRF;

⑨Display interface IC -TFP;

⑩ Isolator IC-ISO;

①① Serial deserialization IC-SLK, TLK;

①② UART interface IC-TL16;

5. Logic IC-flip-flop IC latch IC register IC buffer IC driver IC transceiver IC-SN74/54 series IC, CD74 series IC, etc.;

6. Processor IC-

① DSP IC- TMX320, TMS320;

② Ultra-low-consumption microcontroller IC-MSP430 [2], LMxS;

③Data converter system-on-chip IC-MSC, etc.;

④ Arm Cortex A8/A9-OMAP/AM35x/AM18x/AM17x;

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