Pi Material 0.12mm 2 Layer Flexible PCB

Pi Material 0.12mm 2 Layer Flexible PCB

We supply PI material 0.12mm 2 layer flexible pcb, high quality with UL approved, no MOQ, offer prototye and volume production service, fast delivery, covering most of Europe and North America market.

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Product Description

1. Product introduction of the PI material 0.12mm 2 layer flexible PCB

The PI material 0.12mm 2 layer flexible PCB is a kind of PCB with special material. Most standard PCBs have glass fiber or metal substrates, but flexible circuit cores consist of flexible polymers. Most flexible PCBs are based on polyimide (PI) film. The PI film does not soften when heated, but remains flexible after thermosetting. Many thermosetting resins (such as PI) harden after heating, which makes PI the best material in flexible PCB structure. The standard PI membrane does not have good moisture resistance and tear resistance, but the upgraded PI membrane can alleviate these problems.

2. Product feature and application of the PI material 0.12mm 2 layer flexible PCB

In Flex PCB, polyimide (PI) film is commonly used as base material, and polyimide (PI) "thermosetting resin" is still the most commonly used material. It has excellent tensile strength, very stable over a wide operating temperature range of - 200 ℃ to 300 ℃, chemical corrosion resistance, excellent electrical properties, high durability and excellent heat resistance. Different from other thermosetting resins, it can keep its elasticity even after thermal polymerization. PI material 0.12mm2 layer flexible PCB is generally used in traditional soft circuit board:1.High density flexible circuit board,2.Satellite communication,3.Filter, coupler, low noise amplifier, power amplifier,4.Avionics and aerospace,5.Satellite signal transmission equipment,6.Base station antenna and power amplifier.

3. Product Qualification of the PI material 0.12mm 2 layer flexible PCB

We use visual inspection, magnifying glass and ruler as the main inspection methods and tools. When necessary, we have to use other suitable testing instruments or equipment for inspection.


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