Consumer Electronics PCB Assembly

Consumer Electronics PCB Assembly

We supply consumer electronics PCB assembly service, production lead-free process, in line with RoHS requirements, provide prototype and mass production services, fast delivery, stable business development.

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Product Description

1. Product introduction of the consumer electronics PCB assembly

The consumer electronics PCB assembly is formed by insulating material supplemented by conductor wiring. When the final product is made, integrated circuits, transistors, diodes, passive components (such as resistors, capacitors, connectors, etc.) and various other electronic components will be installed on it. Through the wire connection, the electronic signal connection and function can be formed. The consumer electronics PCB assembly is a platform that provides component connections and is used to undertake the basis of connecting parts.

2. Product feature and application of the consumer electronics PCB assembly

The consumer electronics PCB assembly has six characteristics: high density, high reliability, Designability, producibility, assemblability and maintainability. Generally speaking, the more complex the functions of electronic products, the longer the circuit distance, and the more the number of pins, the more layers PCB requires, such as high-end consumer electronics, information and communication products, etc., while soft boards are mainly used in products that need to be bent, such as notebook computers, cameras, automotive instruments, etc.

3. Product Qualification of the consumer electronics PCB assembly

We are committed to strict control in accordance with ISO9001 and Rohs. AOI testing equipment automatic detection, put an end to the consumer electronics PCB assembly quality hidden trouble.



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