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Anti - Static Facilities In PCBA Processing Line


The electrostatic protection in the process of PCBA processing is a system engineering. SMT processing plant should first establish and check the antistatic foundation engineering, such as ground wire and mat and table, the environment of antistatic Wang engineering, etc. Because once the equipment into the workshop, if it is found that the environment does not meet the requirements and rectified, it will cause great trouble. After the foundation project of SMT patch processing production line is built, if it is a special place for long-term products, anti-static equipment should be configured according to the anti-static requirements of long-term products. If it is a multi-variety product, anti-static equipment should be configured according to the highest level of anti-static requirements.

Esd work area In the production line, do not directly use wood floors or lay wool, linen, chemical fiber floors or common floor leather. Use floors made of electrostatic conductor materials, such as ESD raised floors or common floors, and ground them effectively.

The ceiling material inside the antistatic area should choose antistatic products. Under normal circumstances, plasterboard products are allowed to be used, and ordinary plastic products are prohibited. Wall fabric should use antistatic wallpaper, allow to use gesso coating or lime coating metope under ordinary circumstances, prohibit to use common wall paper and plastic wall paper. From the current shenzhen pcba manufacturers generally use the situation to check is such.

The anti-static facilities in the production line of the patch processing plant should have independent ground wire, and separate from the lightning protection wire; the ground wire is reliable, and has a complete electrostatic leakage system, the workshop to maintain a constant temperature, constant humidity environment, the general temperature control in (25±2)℃, relative humidity of 65% 5%; the entrance is equipped with ionic wind, anti-static work area should be marked area limits, and hang warning signs in obvious places, warning signs should conform to the "electronic products anti-static Discharge control Outline" (GJB1649-1993) provisions, the entrance of the work area should be configured with ionized air wind bath equipment.

Electrostatic discharge (ESD) A triangular symbol showing a hand with a mark drawn inside, used to indicate that the object is sensitive to damage caused by ESD.