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SMT Processing Needs What Equipment


SMT processing in the process of processing, need to use some production equipment to completely assemble the circuit board, test SMT processing plant processing capacity also depends on its production equipment and production equipment performance.

1. Solder paste printing machine

The modern paste printing machine is generally composed of plate loading, paste adding, embossing, transmission substrate and so on. The working principle is: firstly, the printed circuit board is fixed on the printing positioning table, and then the solder paste and red glue are leaked to the corresponding solder plate through the steel mesh with the left and right scrapers of the printing press. The PCB with uniform leakage is input to the SMT machine through the transmission table for automatic SMT.

2. Patch machine

Surface Mount System, a manufacturing facility that is installed on the production line behind a cream press and that is configured correctly by moving the Surface Mount System. According to the installation accuracy and installation speed, it is usually divided into high speed and ordinary speed.

3. Reflow welding

There is a heating circuit inside the reflow welding. After heating the air and nitrogen to a high enough temperature, the air is blown to the PCB board with attached parts, so that the solder on both sides of the parts is melted and bonded to the motherboard. The advantages of this process are that the temperature is easy to control, oxidation can be avoided during welding, and the production and processing costs are easy to control.

4. AOI detector

AOI full name utomaticOptic principle The production equipment that detects common defects in welding production. AOI is a new testing technology, but the development is rapid. Many manufacturers have launched AOI testing equipment. During automatic detection, the machine scans the PCB automatically through the camera and collects images. The tested solder joints are compared with the qualified parameters in the database. The PCB defects are detected through image processing and repaired by the maintenance personnel through the display or automatic display defect/display.

5. Parts shearing machine

Used for cutting foot and deforming pin parts.

6. Wave crest welding

Peak welding is to make the welding surface of the plug-in plate directly contact high temperature liquid welding to achieve the welding purpose, the high temperature liquid welding to maintain the inclined plane, because the special device makes the liquid welding to form a similar wave phenomenon, so it is called peak welding, the main material is welding rod.