IC for Microchip TRANS NPN

IC for Microchip TRANS NPN

With over 10 years experience on the electronic components market, Quint tech have built good relationship with factories and distributors, such as NXP, ON, ST, Maxim, Microchip, include the IC for microchip TRANS NPN.

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Product Description

1. Product introduction of the IC for microchip TRANS NPN

The IC for microchip TRANS NPN, ATA5830 is a highly integrated, low power UHF ASK/FSK RF-transceiver. The Atmel ATA5830 is partitioned into several sections; an RF frontend, a digital baseband, and a low power 8 bit AVR microcontroller. The product is designed for the ISM frequency bands in the ranges of 310 to 318MHz, 418 to 477MHz and 836 to 928MHz. External part count is kept to a minimum due to the very high level of integration in this device.

2. Product feature and application of the IC for microchip TRANS NPN

1). Supported Frequency Ranges–Low-band 310MHz to 318MHz, 418MHz to 477MHz–High-band 836MHz to 928MHz–315.00MHz/433.92MHz/868.30MHz and 915.00MHz with one 24.305MHz Crystal.

2). Low Current Consumption–9.3mA for RX Mode (Low-Band) 480µA for 50ms cycle 3 Channel Polling–9.1mA/13.8mA for TX Mode (Low-Band, Pout = 6dBm/10dBm).

3). Typical OFF Mode Current of 5nA (Max. 600nA at Vs = 3.6V and T = 85°C).

4). Programmable Output Power–12dBm to +14.5dBm (0.4dB Step)

5). Input 1dB Compression Point– –35dBm (Full Sensitivity Level)– –20dBm (15dB reduced Sensitivity)

6). Programmable Channel Frequency with Fractional-N PLL–93Hz Resolution for Low-Band–185Hz Resolution for High-Band

7). FSK Deviation±0.375kHz to±93kHz

8). FSK Sensitivity (Manchester Coded) at 433.92MHz– –106dBm at 20Kbit/s,Δf =±20kHz, BWIF = 165kHz– –109dBm at 10Kbit/s,Δf =±10kHz, BWIF = 165kHz– –112dBm at 5Kbit/s,Δf =±5kHz, BWIF = 165kHz– –121dBm at 0.75Kbit/s,Δf =±0.75kHz, BWIF = 25kHz

1). ASK Sensitivity (Manchester Coded) at 433.92MHz– –107dBm at 20Kbit/s, BWIF = 366kHz– –117dBm at 1Kbit/s, BWIF = 366kHz

2). Programmable RX-IF Bandwidth 25kHz to 366kHz (approx. 10% Steps)

3). Blocking (BWIF = 165kHz): 64dBC at Freq. Offset = 1MHz and 48dBC at 225kHz

4). High Image Rejection 55dB (315MHz/433.92MHz) 47dB (868.3MHz/915MHz) without Calibration

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3. Product Qualification of the IC for microchip TRANS NPN

For the IC for microchip TRANS NPN, it’s with RoHs3 compliant, and we guarantee that all the parts we offer is new and original, any quality problem, do false a compensate ten.

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