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PCBA Processing Components And Substrate Selection


PCBA processing is a general term, it includes (PCB circuit board making, PCB proofing patch, SMT patch processing, electronic components procurement) these several parts. The mode before 2015 was that customers would find PCB board factories to make samples and electronic component suppliers to buy devices, and then send them together to SMT processing plants for production after completing the two items. Since 2017, there have been a lot of domestic companies that have collected the above 3 items, and the companies that can collect the above are called PCBA manufacturers.

So how should we choose electronic components and PCB boards? What are the standards?

1. Selection of electronic components

The selection of electronic components should fully consider the needs of the actual total area of SMB, and as far as possible, conventional electronic components should be selected. Do not blindly pursue small size electronic components. In order to avoid increasing the cost, IC devices should pay attention to the pin shape and pin spacing, less than 0.5mm pin distance QFP should be considered carefully, it is better to directly choose BGA packaging devices. In addition, the packaging form of electronic components, end electrode size, PCB solderability, SMT device reliability, temperature tolerance (such as whether to meet the needs of lead-free welding) should be taken into account.

After selecting the electronic components, the electronic components database must be established, including installation size, pin size and smt manufacturer information.

2. The selection of plates

The base material should be selected according to the service conditions and mechanical and electrical equipment characteristics of SMB; according to the structure of SMB to determine the number of copper clad foil surface of the substrate (single-sided, double-sided or multi-layer SMB); according to the size of SMB and the weight of electronic components per unit total area, determine the thickness of the substrate board. The cost of different types of materials varies greatly. When selecting SMB substrates, the requirements of electrical equipment characteristics, Tg (glass transition temperature), CTE, flatness and other factors, as well as the ability of hole metallization and price should be considered.