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A Brief Introduction To The Wide Application Of Pcb Circuit Board In Automotive Electronics


PCB circuit board is widely used in automotive electronics, power control system, safety control system, body electronic system, entertainment communication these four systems, so the requirements of PCB circuit board are diversified, large quantity and low price, high reliability requirements coexist.

According to data analysis, single and double panels, 4-layer boards, 6-layer boards and 8-16 layer boards account for 26.93%, 25.70%, 17.37% and 3.49% respectively, accounting for about 73% in total.  HDI, FPC and IC carrier board accounted for 9.56%, 14.57% and 2.38% respectively, accounting for about 27% in total. It can be seen that multilayer board is still the main demand of automotive electronics.

1. Single and double panels and multilayer panels account for about 73% of automotive applications.

2. The value growth of vehicle PCB brought by new energy vehicle controller (VCU), motor controller (MCU) and battery management system (BMS) exceeds 2000 yuan, which greatly exceeds the improvement brought by intelligence and lightweight.

3. The penetration rate of new energy vehicles in the domestic automobile market has exceeded 3.5%.

4. Internet + intelligent vehicle application penetration will open up a broad space for the growth of automotive PCB circuit boards.