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Smt Patch Manufacturers To Use These Process Materials


Productivity is one of the foundations of SMT patch processing. When designing and building SMT production lines, it is necessary to select the appropriate process materials according to the process flow and process requirements. SMT process materials include solders, solder pastes, adhesives, and other solder and patch materials, as well as fluxes, cleaners, heat transfer media, and other process materials.

SMT patch manufacturers to use these process materials

1) Solder and solder paste

Solder is an important structural material in the surface assembly process. Different types of solders are used in different applications to connect the metal surface of the receiving object and form the solder joint. Reflow soldering is a solder paste that is a solder while prefixing the SMC/SMD viscosity.

SMT patch manufacturers to use these process materials.

2) Flux

Flux is an important process material in surface assembly. This is one of the key factors affecting the welding quality. It is required in various welding processes and its main function is flux.

3) Adhesive

An adhesive is a bonding material in surface assembly. In the wave crest soldering process, adhesives are usually used to prefix the components to the SMT. When the SMD is assembled on both sides of the SMT, the adhesive is often applied to the center of the SMT pad pattern, even when reflow soldering is used, to enhance the SMD fixation and prevent the SMD from shifting and dropping operations during assembly.

4) Detergent

Cleaners are used for surface assembly to clean the residue remaining on the SMA after the welding process. Under the current technical conditions, cleaning is still an integral part of the surface mount process, and solvent cleaning is the most effective cleaning method.

SMT process materials are the basis of the surface mount process, and different assembly processes and assembly processes use corresponding assembly process materials.  Sometimes the materials used vary according to subsequent processes or different assembly methods in the same assembly process.