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What Is A Printed Circuit Board Component?


What is a printed circuit board component?

For decades, printed circuit board assembly (PCBA) has successfully evolved in a steady manner. They have become compact, critical and efficient components of all kinds of machines, computing terminals, automobiles and other electronic devices. In addition, they have had an unparalleled impact on the introduction of new inventions and technologies in the electronics industry in a global manner.

In short, a printed circuit board assembly is the process of connecting an electronic component to the wiring of a printed circuit board. A trace or conductive path carved into the laminated copper sheet of a PCB is used in the non-conductive substrate to form components. Connecting the electronics to the printed circuit board is the end action before using the fully operational electronics.

It must be noted that assembling a circuit board is not the same as making a circuit board. Manufacturing a printed circuit board involves multiple processes, including PCB design and creating a PCB prototype. Once the PCB is ready, the electronics need to be soldered to it before it can be used in any electronic device or gadget. The assembly of this electronic component depends on the type of board, the type of electronic component and the purpose of the board.

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